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Dog training class

Dog Training & Behavioural Support

Whether it’s for basic manners or more complex behavioural issues, our dog trainers are focused on not only training your dog, but teaching owners how to effectively communicate with them, using games focused on engagement and connection. Browse our site to learn more about how we can help with your dog training and dog care needs.

Our Obedience classes focus on your relationship and engagement withy your dog, build on this with fun agility classes or our UK Scent Sport classes to take your partnership to the next level!

We cover Southport, Ormskirk, Formby and surrounding areas.

ZEN K9 Services

We want our clients to feel confident taking care of their pets no matter where they are. From group training to private at-home dog training, we provide you with everything you need to develop a positive relationship with your pet. Browse our services below.

Dog Training

We provide a variety of training services aimed at fostering a harmonious relationship between you and your furry friends.

Our offerings include personalised 1-2-1 training and behavioural support, which extends to real-life situations and home visits.

We also offer group classes, National Pet Code Certification, and residential training options. Our commitment to your pet's well-being continues with our ongoing support through our Dog Walk and Train service. Let us help you and your canine companions thrive together.

Dog Behaviourist

At Zen K9 we cover all aspects of Dog Training and Dog behaviour. Unlike many other training facilities we also have a huge network of trainers we can draw on for specialist support. This can help with geography and travel issues, also with specialist problems and resolutions. Most of our behaviour cases stay in house, however whether its timing, boarding capacity, our own availability or the required methods for success we can provide you and your dog with a comprehensive behavioural assessment and plan that can be achieved with our recommended network of trainers.

Nutrition Advice

We advocate for the best for our pets and the foundation of this is nutrition.  For us this means a species appropriate diet and a common sense approach to chemical treatments being given.  We advise and also sell a range of:

Raw feeding (referral program currently, resales coming soon)

Natural treats made by ourselves to ensure optimum motivation, reward and nutrition. Nothing nasty added. 

Flea/Tick/Worm prevention with  natural methods.

UK Scent Sport

UK Scent Sport is a new sport for dogs to get their nose working and to build a strong team with you and your dog.

There are 4 leagues, each with 4 components in which you and your dog can progress through 5 levels, from Novice to Master.  The components are:

  1. Kong Search

  2. Scent Match

  3. Catnip Retrieve

  4. Trail ID

You can go through all components or as a little as 1. Fulfill your dogs potential and achieve ribbons, rosettes and certifactes for each successul level achieved.  Assessments are when you are ready so the pace your progress can be tailored to suit you and your dog.  

We want this to be super fun and no pressure.  

Residential Training
and Training Bundles

Kick start your training journey with our residential training plans.


Residential Puppy Course

Behaviour Bundle

6 for 5 on classes

Perfect Puppy course 

We can also tailor plans for you and your dog to incorporate walk and trains with our head trainer on top of your regular classes or bundles. Contact us to discuss this option.

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