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Dog Behaviour

At Zen K9 we cover all aspects of Dog Training and Dog behaviour. Unlike many other training facilities we also have a huge network of trainers we can draw on for support. This can help with geography and travel issues, also with specialist problems and resolutions. Most of our behaviour cases stay in house, however whether its timing, boarding capacity, our own availability or the required methods for success we can provide you and your dog with a comprehensive behavioural assessment and plan that can be achieved with our recommended network of trainers.

Our in house Dog behaviourist will spend several hours with you assessing everything in your dogs life. We focus on a broad range of areas from environment to nutrition, to socialisation and skills, and from engagement and connection to breed fulfillment. We also have your dogs health at the core and where appropriate will include your vet in our protocols.

For many of our existing clients whether its lead pulling, recall, destructive behaviours, separation anxiety or reactivity the training plans are conducted with our trainers and in our classes. However for more complex issues requiring more time with a trainer from residential to regular training sessions, our network of specialised trainers is on hand to help. This allows us to assess and support many more complex issues from dog on dog to dog on human aggression, high prey drive dogs that chase live stock, to neurotic behaviours.

For help bringing a little more Zen to your relationship with your dog get in touch today to get the help you need from our Dog Behaviourist and Dog Training team.

At Zen K9 you are not alone, you will not be judged and there is no one size fits all approach. Even if recommended to our network partners we are always on hand to help throughout the journey and require regular updates.

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